Having the right equipment makes our excursions safe and comfortable, and there’s a variety of places you can obtain what you need. Shopping online, in the malls, at the Salvation army or goodwill are great places to start, as well as borrowing from your friends and family.

Two things to watch out for are bringing along a good pair of broken-in boots, and a cotton free wardrobe. Once wet, cotton retains water and doesn’t maintain body heat (unlike wool or synthetics) and blisters will always accompany brand new boots, especially along our trails.

Don't be afraid to ask your guides for advice, comments, and any insider's information about what to get. We want to make sure you are prepared for your trip. Print off the equipment list for your trip and double check that you have everything and nothing more. See you Outdoors!


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Gear Rentals

Why buy gear that you could rent for a fraction of the cost? Check out the items for rent from Cornell Outdoor Education. No special pick-up needed. Just send us the "Equipment Rental Contract" on the Register page and we'll have all the gear ready for you when you start your trip!

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