Xavier Sabourin Luna Orion Eddy

Odyssey Coordinator

Xavier Luna Orion Sabourin Eddy studies Industrial and Labor Relations in the Cornell ILR School. He’s a sophomore from the backwoods of rural southwestern Colorado, where he grew up exploring the mountains and deserts he was born and raised in (literally, ask him about the bus). He first found out about Outdoor Odyssey as a pre-frosh at Cornell Days, before going on a 5 day Catskills trip as a freshman, and loving the trip and the community so much, he guided a 6 day Adirondacks backpacking trip (AD2 Rogue 82 Whoop Whoop)! As cOOrdinator he hopes to help introduce all of you to the wonderful world of the Outdoors and of course your wild new home, Cornell as seamlessly as possible. He’s excited to meet you all in August and to welcome you home on your Odyssey to Ithaca.